My name is Kara and I’m SO excited to guide you on your journey of reconnecting you with your authentic, playful self!

You may be wondering…WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY PLAY?!?

Isn’t that for kids, not adults?

To which I say… Play is any experience where you’re connected with your authentic self & your inner child in the present moment and spontaneity and curiosity take over. 

It’s when you see the world through a lens of child-like wonder and your actions stem from a deep place of joy rather than a place of seeking approval. 

When you play, you’re not in a place of competitiveness or worried about outcomes or proving your worth.  

And oh my goodness! It’s not just for kids. It’s for everyone. 

It’s for YOU. 


We help you express your true self, regardless of who the world wants you to be.

In a world where we often feel like we can’t be ourselves, we filter ourselves to survive. Our mission is to create a safe space where you can be heard and seen for who you are, where you can dive into play and self-expression safely and without judgement.

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Wild & Worthy is the only 8-week group coaching program that uses mindset and play to help you unlearn perfectionism, overcome self-doubt, and heal your inner child so you can recover your confident, creative self.

Wild & Worthy is an experiential wonderland designed to reconnect you with your playful side so you can harness the power of imagination, creativity, and joy to overcome the thoughts and behaviors that are dimming your light.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll embark on an 8-week adventure jam-packed with group play and mindset coaching sessions, playful activities, sensory experiences, and body movement so you can reconnect with Little You.

In just 8 weeks you’ll do the foundational mindset work to reorient your subconscious so you can invite more fun and play into your life. 

We’ll use a combination of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and TIME techniques to create new neural pathways so you can overcome the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back (whether those are about money, self-worth, or self-love).

Our big goal? To get you out of that way-too-serious state and in touch with your authentic, playful spirit.

‘Cause that’s where life takes on a whole new shine.

😎  Groovy, right



Play Experience for Couples, Best Friends and Your Inner Child (use code HAPPYHOLIDAYS for $50 off)

Corporate Play Experience


Play Experience for Couples, Best Friends and Your Inner Child

Corporate Play Experience


Eeee it’s time to get excited because we are cooking up some PWRFUL, FUN and LIFE CHANGING offerings at The Playful Warrior 🎊.

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